Hey bitches, life doesn’t work that way
You consider yourself a sheltered girl
But in the nutshell
You are nothing more than a failure
You dupe people into thinking that
You are cultured, generous and humble
But might it be only your delusion
All you were doing is to
Falsify, bump yourself, brag and blatantly lie
At the expense of others
Some gave you the benefit of the doubt
Some sang praises your artificial poker face
They turned to aggressive hungry beasts
Fighting for your mischievous traits
Taking it lying down
Stir up the broth, circulate rumors, body shame the critics
Ignore that fact that they were treated as her tools
Nothing more than that
Her rudeness rendered me speechless
Also, I am a materialistic
Crave for money, property and lavish life
But wait,
It’s worlds apart
No way in hell
I would have the audacity to copy her
Her wrongdoings brought her followers to melancholy
 Suffering from such an inherently humiliated selfishness of her.
Note: It’s quite a long time that I have returned to the topic of someone else’s virtue. I always consider myself a plain girl who has never given shit to any irrelevant. However, there is someone who pissed me off so that I couldn’t stop mouthing off about herself. Click back if you don't wanna dirty your ears. Cheers.