Starry Night is supposed to be a series of blogs of a not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman, 25 years old, 100% FA, who makes up her mind to put an effort to occupy her free time with something new rather than being a slave of facebook.
100% single, but 96% NOT sad about it (a girly part in her "forces" her to spare a little part to feel a little pale blue about it :'))
She has a lot of free time in a day, but knows how to fill it up with sleeping, communicating just enough with people around, learning petty stuff. And she's opstimistic. So she has little time to freak out about that situation and still love this life. Yay!
One possible reason is due to her dislike of chatting online, esp with boys (esp not-so-close ones), she thinks so. Not Hating Boys, but just hating chatting online, esp after 11pm.. Unfortunately, they may think she's just SO mean to do that. And she just Lets them be. So she's single all the time, though she's cute and funny. That's it :v
Like the character in the movie The Starry Night, Go Ho (played by Yuri -SNSD), she would like to have her own blog - her own secret corner to reveal about what and how she sees the world in her unique way (just her world: a not serious world with little big matters), especially in the precious time period of a free girl with no strings attached. 
I'm treasure the moment. So I feel a need to record it. Writing here is just cool because there might be someone reading it without knowing who I am, like Go Ho. Perhaps, I will record it till the day I find the one for myself. Let's keep it as a lovely habit. Who could put yourself in my shoes? ;)